The Path Not Taken

Shipset Download
The Path Not Taken shipset version 1.3, the final version barring disaster, has been completed and released. The 15-file version is already up at Datamaster's, and is ready for download. Thanks to my favorite wedged-tailed eagle, Peter "Mad Dog" Rowney, the entire 13-meg download is now available as a single file!

This latest version makes several important corrections to the Union campaign:

  • Two redundant OPTs have been removed from the shipset file, reducing the shipset's file size by about 600 kb. The two redundant OPTs were the T-Wing and R-41; why I included them in the shipset at all, I can't fathom.
  • Union Mission 11: friendly heavy lifter will now arrive when E-Wing is disabled.
  • Union Mission 12: the unreasonably extreme distances the player is forced to cover have been shortened considerably.
  • Union Mission 13: timing errors with in-flight messages have been corrected.
  • Union Mission 17: timing errors with in-flight messages have been corrected.
  • Union Mission 21: the failed debreifing text for a previous mission was actually copied-and-pasted in front of mission 21's text briefing. This has been corrected. God knows how I missed this the first time around...
  • Minor spelling and grammatical corrections to the Union Campaign missions.
  • Coalition Mission 25: failure of an enemy flight group to arrive made the mission unbeatable; this was corrected in version 1.2.

Shipset Launcher Download
Also, to use this shipset, you must have a copy of Connor's incredible Shipset Launcher, which will automatically install the shipset into XvT, and then clean it away when you're through playing it.

Downloading Tools
Files not loading? Keep getting disconnected? Here are some first-rate automated download software packs to help you get what you're looking for. They can even re-start a download where they left off if you get disconnected!

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