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Designation: Starfighter
Manufacturer: Yuuzhan Vong
In Use By: Yuuzhan Vong
Shield Rating: none
Hull Rating: unknown
Speed: unknown
Acceleration: unknown
Maneuverability: unknown
Lasers: Uses Plasma projectiles
Std. Combat Warhead Load: 0

The Yuuzhan Vong "meat and potatos" starfighter. It's protected by a dovin basel that can generate mini-black holes to suck in any weapons fire, shields, or craft near it. Encounters with this craft have proven it to be extremely maneuverable and deadly. Further inspection reveals it to actually be a living organism. This technology is of an advanced nature, and has baffled Republic scientists. It has been speculated that this technology is not from this galaxy…

Design: JC Wolverine
Design Consultant: David "Terribly Mauled" Mather
OPTt Base Model: JC Wolverine
Additional Modelling: Sean, David "Terribly Mauled" Mather
Textures: JC Wolverine
OPTing: David "Terribly Mauled" Mather
Total Progress: Complete

Terribly Mauled: Of all the ships designed, this has been perhaps the most problematic! It started off as long oval ship that bore some resemblance to a Mon Calamari cap ship, but over time (i.e. the publication of new official sources and books) the design had to evolve to meet and match those designs. This was not helped by the varying appearances of the craft on book covers (such as 'EoV: Rebirth' and 'Star by Star'). Eventually however, I stuck to the design on the cover of 'Star by Star' which matches that contained in the pages of the 'Essential Guide to Alien Species'. Texture and colour wise, the Skip will match that shown on the front of 'EoV: Rebirth'.

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Pre-production Drawing 3/4 Perspective 3/4 Low Perspective 3/4 Rear Perspective

3/4 Rear Low Perspective Front Perspective Side Perspective Front Perspective

Top Perspective Coralskipper Blue Coralskipper Green Coralskipper Normal

Coralskipper Red