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The Outbound Flight File Zone
The Outbound Flight File Zone, once at http://zone.simplenet.com/, was a repository for X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter and later Balance of Power custom missions for several years. It also included files for TIE Fighter, Jedi Knight, and Quake Star Wars. In its heyday, it was to custom missions as Datamaster's Website was to OPT models. The site was started by two people called The Force and Relic. V'lion later took the reigns and managed the file archive in its later years.

The OFFZ's XvT archive worked on a simple premise. In order to ensure maximum compatibility for multiplayer gaming, each mission accepted had to adhere to a standardized numbering system. This system ensured that you could play custom missions with a complete stranger without having to worry about editing the game's LST files. Since you basically have to have modded XvT before to know what that means, it just means that it made it a lot easier to play custom missions online.

This page has only a small selection of the files available on that site. Actually, at the moment all that is available are two well made campaigns by Christian Boutin. Most of the other campaigns and missions can be found with some diligent searching and by plugging "XvT Custom Missions" into a search engine.

If anyone knows how to get in contact with V'lion, The Force, or Relic, please contact me. It would be nice to be able to get the original files back up on the Internet somewhere. Until then, enjoy the few that I have here.

Each ZIP file should contain instructions for installing the custom mission/campaign in a readme file.

XVTOFQI (X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Outbound Flight Quick Installer)
Type: XvT Utility
Version: 2.0a, based on OFQI 1.0 by Donald Sheldon (aka The Force)
Author: Christian Boutin
Description: Because X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter was not originally designed to accept new missions, installing custom missions can be a pain in the butt. The people at the Outbound Flight Project (now Outbound Flight File Zone) decided to remedy this by creating OFQI.
Download (31.7 KB)

Aftermath at Endor: The Fate of the Empire
Type: XvT Battle
Version : 1.1 (second release)
Author : Christian Boutin
Number of Missions : 8 (7 in each battle)
Storyline Battle : Yes (do not randomize missions)
Number of Players : 1 - 8 (4 Rebels / 4 Imperials)
Briefings : Yes
Custom WAVs : No
Created With : XvT Workshop beta 3
Note : Registered with the Outbound Flight Project
Compatible with XvTOFQI

Description: This one is named Aftermath at Endor and is, in the starwars
timeline, just after the fireworks at Endor and also just after
Zaarin blows himself up (in Enemies of the Empire). The storyline
is simple: The Death Star is destroyed, and most of the Imperial
forces in the area have surrendered. But a few remaining Imperials
still refuse to surrender, and are fighting to retain control over
the sector. Grand Admiral Thrawn, who is unaware of the death of
Lord Vader or the Empeor, is on his way to "celebrate" the victory
over the Rebellion.

In this one you can play either the Rebel Alliance / New Republic
forces or the Imperials. I've tried to create missions that are
interconnected so if you want the real experience play them in the
correct order.
Download (116 KB)

Escort the Cartagar
Type: XvT Training Missions Set
Version : 1.0 (final release)
Author : Christian Boutin
Type : Cooperative campaign (Multi-player training)
Number of Missions : 9
Storyline Battle : No (Storyline training)
Number of Players : 1 - 4 (All Imperials)
Briefings : Yes
Custom WAVs : Yes
Created With : XvT Workshop beta 3, with additionnal use of Tie Campaign Studio
Note : Registered with the Outbound Flight Project
Compatible with XvTOFQI

Description: You and your comrades serve under Admiral Deskan, an Admiral loyal
to the Emperor and his vision of the Empire. You are currently
stationed on board the VSD Cartagar, in a remote sector near Bothan
space. The news of the Emperor's death has just reached your ears,
and your Admiral is now answering a summons by the remaining Imperial
Admirals to rendezvous at the Imperial capital of Coruscant, still
under Imperial control.

You are the elite squadron of the Cartagar, flying in Imperial
Gunboats. Your fleet is comprised of VSD Cartagar, DREAD Sobibor
and STRKC Baltori. Your job is to protect and defend those ships
in their long journey to Coruscant.
Download (2.4 MB)