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Proof of Concept
The creation of these skirmishes was done while researching multiplayer options for the New Jedi Order Project's X-Wing Alliance mod. These are presented as a proof of concept of what can be done with the skirmish editor with a little bit of tweaking. All of these missions are playable in Multiplayer mode.

The skirmish types involve missions resembling the multiplayer missions of X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, as well as the ability to hyperspace between regions. The reason that this so-called MultiRegion capability was not implemented in the consumer product is unknown, but we do know that its implementation is incomplete, at best. The player must do some things manually to enable MultiRegion. Once enabled, it works with relatively few bugs. One will have to do things in a certain order, so please read the Installation Notes found in each of these ZIP files.

Draconious and Fingolfin were integral to the existence of these skirmishes. In fact, they were the ones who introduced the first multiple region skirmish back in 1999. I was brought on by Draconious to test these missions. Draconious' and Fingolfin's research can be found by clicking here. Since then the technology has disappeared from the Internet, as Draconious's original skirmish file was no longer available from his website. I found the file on a French website (I lost the url again, so if the webmaster reads this, please e-mail it to me), and so this project was born.

Each ZIP file also contains instructions for creating your own enhanced skirmishes. All I ask is that you please include all of the instruction files in your skirmish ZIPs so that anybody inspired by your work can create their own. And with that note, I present to you the enhanced skirmishes!

Click here for a definition of each of the three skirmish types.

Artoo Rescue
Type: AlliED MultiRegion Skirmish
Rebel Players: X-Wing (2 FG)
Imperial Players: TIE Avenger (2 FG)
Description: Each two-man team must recover three R2 droids from the enemy base and ferry them back to their home base while trying to destroy those of the other team. Two frigate squadrons and four starfighter squadrons battle each other in the region between bases.
Download (12.1 KB)

Frigate Duel: Malevolent vs Endeavor
Type: AlliED Skirmish
Imperial Players: TIE Interceptor (1 FG), TIE Bomber (1 FG), TIE Fighter (2 FGs)
Rebel Players: A-Wing (1 FG), Y-Wing (1 FG), Z-95 (2 FGs)
Description: Two Nebulon-B class frigates are facing off against each other. Both have full complements of two dozen starfighters each. The sturdiness of Rebel starfighters versus the maneuverability of Imperial starfighters. Who will triumph by driving away or destroying the enemy frigate? This mission is from X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter.
Download (12.4 KB)

Rogue Squadron Attacks the ISD Dominance
Type: AlliED Skirmish
Rebel Players: X-Wing (8 FG)
Description: Rogue Squadron has been given the impossible (?) task of taking out an Imperial Star Destroyer with just their X-wings. This mission is from X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter.
Download (12.5 KB)

Starchaser Duel
Type: MultiRegion Skirmish
Rebel Player: R-41 (1 FG)
Imperial Player: R-41 (1 FG)
Description: Simple two-fighter duel. Escape to another region if you are being overwhelmed! This Skirmish is the first skirmish to allow the player to hyperspace between regions. It was published by Draconious on October 12, 1999. (Source: http://mywebpages.comcast.net/draconious/XW/)
Download (8.26 KB)