NJO Project

New Jedi Order Project Banners

These banners are banners that I have created for this website, even though some of them were actually never displayed, I have put them here and explained why they were never displayed in the header.

Vector Prime/Balance Point Banner - First banner that appeared on this website and my first serious attempt at photo-editing.

Star by Star Yuuzhan Vong Banner - Never made it because the Vong was believed too scary becauseof parents who might be looking over the shoulder of some of the viewers of this website. With a name like the New Jedi Order Project coupled with a photo-realistic image of a Yuuzhan Vong, it all of the sudden makes this website seem very occultic. :)

Star by Star Luke Skywalker Banner - I decided to substitute the Yuuzhan Vong for Luke. When finished, I decided that he shouldn't be there because he isn't the focus of this project. That and I could never get his forehead to mesh very well with the background.

Star by Star Blue Banner - I substituted Luke for this ghostly image of Anakin. It looks really nifty, because it blends right into the retinted Balance Point fire background on the left and the nebula-like background on the right. I also changed the left hand image of Anakin to that of a droid, which seems more fitting to the project. This banner never made it though because I wanted a different dominant color than the Vector Prime/Balance Point banner.

Star by Star Banner - This is the second banner that appeared in the site's header. It was released in conjunction with the book release of Star by Star by Troy Denning. Notice it is just a retinted version of the Star by Star Blue Banner.

Destiny's Way Banner - This is the third banner that appeared on the website, released soon after the hardcover of Destiny's Way went on sale. The black-matte Millenium Falcon is a recolorized version of the Falcon on the Vector Prime Cover. A reddish Leia and a bluish grey Han are separated by the burning half-symbol of the Rebellion, possibly suggesting how their lives and sense of duty have been torn apart by the conflict.

Destiny's Way Green Banner - I tinted the original Destiny's Way banner an aquamarine green just to see how it would look. Personally I think it looks great, but I had to choose one to put as the website's main header. I might make this one the header if enough people like it. :)