NJO Project

Chiss Claw Fighter


Designation: Starfighter
Manufacturer: Chiss
In Use By: Chiss/Imperial Remnant
Lasers: Quadruple

This fighter is derived from Seinar Fleet System's TIE designs but is much more maneuverable and deadly, especially when in the capable hands of a Chiss pilot. Baron Soontir Fel lent a contingent of the Chiss and these starfighters for the Imperial Remnant during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. This version of the Chiss starfighter is more readily available than it's Interceptor cousin. It features quadruple lasers and double warhead launchers, making it an excellent multi-role fighter.

Design: Admiral Alistair
Design Consultant: David "Terribly Mauled" Mather
OPT Base Model: Admiral Alistair
Additional Modelling:
Textures: Decoy and ACE
OPTing: Admiral Alistair
Total Progress: Complete


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Official Design Sketch 3/4 Perspective 3/4 High Perspective Top Perspective

Front Perspective Side Perspective

 Finished Version