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The New Jedi Order Project was conceived as a modification for the game X-Wing Alliance. The final public version of this mod can be downloaded on this page.

The rest of this site is dedicated to legacy mods and software for the games X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, and X-Wing Alliance.

The Invasion Begins Dev Kit Files

The final version of TIB is a far cry from our original plan. If you want to see what we wanted to do or pick up where we left off, then download these files and 7-zip to read them.


These files include the full 90-page script, outline, dramatis personae, etc.
Download Now (165 KB .zip)


Includes custom DAT file images, reference photos of various NJO era spacecraft, and the art for the 6th unproduced cutscene.
Download Now (296 MB .7z)

Voice Talent

Includes all recorded dialogue for all 16 originally-planned missions.
Download Now (381 MB .7z)

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