Image MapWelcome to the Episode I Shipset website!  The Episode I Shipset is a total conversion for X-wing:  Alliance by LucasArts and Totally Games.

The shipset contains 8 missions where you play as Gavyn Sykes, a starfighter pilot with the Royal Naboo Security Force. This tale begins months before STAR WARS:  The Phantom Menace and travels up to that time.

Many new ships are included in this shipset, which are available in the OPT's section. Some of these include Darksaber's Naboo Fighter and Droid Fighter, and Rebel's Trade Federation Droid Control Ship.

You can also visit Sci-Fi 3D to download several cutscenes available in AVI and MPG format. Please note these are copyrighted by LucasArts. Please visit the Media section for a link to there Animation section.

The current version of the Episode I Shipset is 1.1. If you have comments, questions, or wish to report a bug, please e-mail In the case of a bug, please provide a detailed report of when or where this bug happens and what it is, as well as your system specifications.

Shipset News for November 19, 2001

I have added a list of known bugs at the bottom of this page. Also, I still need more voice talents! Parts I need are Ric Olié, a large part, and Obroa Skai Research Director, a small part. Please e-mail me at if you're interested.

Shipset News for October 23, 2001

If you are having trouble downloading the shipset, the previous website has been set up as a mirror site. You can download a mirror version of the shipset by clicking here.

Known Bugs for Version 1.1
In Mission 4: Bait the Pirates, the Xiytiar Transport will not disable several of the Armed Couriers before they can fly past on the Easy difficulty level. Set the Difficulty Level to Medium.
Most missions will produce as yet unspecified errors on the Easy difficulty level. Set the Difficulty Level to Medium.

The Episode I Shipset is compatible with all XWA Upgrade Project patches.

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