Image MapYou can either download the entire shipset as one file, or you can download it in chunks of 2 Mb. The Episode I Shipset is provided in GOB format. GOB is supported by Hell Raiser's Shipset Launcher 2000. The launcher provides a way to install shipsets while at the same time keeping the game itself untouched (this way you can still play multiplayer games).

It does this by backing up all the files it replaces into a seperate folder. When you are done playing, you can restore those files. It also keeps track of whether or not a shipset is installed in case XWA or the launcher crashes. If one does, the next time you run SSL2K it will prompt you to restore your original configuration. This is by far the best way to play shipsets, IMHO.

The best feature of this program, though, is it's pilot file selector. It will ask you which pilot you would like to fly as after it installs the shipset files. Just be sure to select the pilot file I have included with the shipset, as it is specially modified for the shipset itself.

Below are the average system requirements. These are the specs for my machine, which this shipset was built on. Several of the later missions taxed my poor old Voodoo 3 3000, so a 3D card may or may not be the best way to go. Those missions might run smoother without the 3D graphics turned on. It depends on what you have, really.

The Episode I Shipset is compatible with all XWA Upgrade Project patches.

Recommended System Requirements
  • X-Wing Alliance w/ 2.02 Update Patch
  • 450 Mhz or faster CPU
  • 128 Mb RAM

File:  Episode I Shipset v 1.1

Format: GOB

Free Space Required: 55 Mb

Required File: Shipset Launcher 2000 [ 61 Kb ]
Required File: VB6 Runtimes [ 1.3 Mb ]

Episode I Shipset FULL

Download [ 6.3 Mb ]

Episode I Shipset Part 1

Download [ 2.3 Mb ]

Episode I Shipset Part 2

Download [ 2.5 Mb ]

Episode I Shipset Part 3

Download [ 1.5 Mb ]

Episode I Shipset Part 4

Download [ 41.7 Kb ]

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